Quimby Walstrom

Quimby Walstrom is a West Michigan-based paper merchant that's been servicing commercial printers and designers for 93 years. That many years in business will make you good at what you do, but it doesn't mean you'll always look good doing it. Quimby had spent years being stealthy and behind-the-scenes. A recent change in leadership prompted the desire to revitalize the brand and remind their customers that they're a smart bunch of paper experts with endless resources and personal attention to give. With a mission to gain back some attention from their largely ignored designer audience segment, they've slowly created a new graphic identity that makes them feel alive again.

A refresh of the Quimby Walstrom graphic identity includes a new typeface, a color refresh, and the adoption of a classic folded corner. This graphic platform has easily extended into several applications: transportation, apparel, business cards, and printed collateral.
Quimby Walstrom and Boise® ASPEN recycled papers  joined forces to sponsor and volunteer at the Arbor Day Reforest Riverside event. A print and online registration campaign was created to encourage customers to join the Quimby volunteer team. Every participant went home with a "Tree Hugger" t-shirt and a carton of Boise® paper as a token of appreciation. Campaign tools included postcard, email invitation, online registration, and event photography.


Providing Quimby Walstrom with a social media plan was really just the tip of the iceberg in an ongoing effort to reach their designer audience and communicate with their current print customers. Today they have a respectable following and their friend list continues to grow.
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